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A Comprehensive Guide in Choosing the Best Among the T1 Service Providers

T1 Service ProvidersAll workloads for your company will be way more productive since your data and communication needs will be processes by the T1 line. T1 service providers that offers T1 internet services will make sure to keep everything and everybody moving without any downtime at all. Now, would you want to experience of having a web conferencing together with your staff members coming from different locations? Today, you have all the freedom to do that with no worries about the bandwidth issues. All of these advantages and benefits are just that for your company’s business needs. Productivity and profits will improve as well for your business when you use T1 internet services that are being provided by the T1 service providers.T1 service providers that offer the infamous T1 internet can help in making your company maintain its website – upload and download important and essential files without having to feel any run-out of bandwidth. And do you know what this means? More employees will be doing their jobs and tasks without any interruptions! This just make the cost of T1 internet pay for its worth over the period of time that you signed a contract for. T1 service providers make sure that unlike the local DSL service, T1 connections assure you that you don’t have to share your bandwidth with other subscribers.So if you have lots of people working for your company that needs to communicate and work with each other, well this is going to be a huge benefit. These benefits of having a blazing fast internet connection can be observed and felt especially when you usually have to share large files. You will discover that the T1 service provider who have offered you the T1 internet services will be the best thing that ever happened with your communications team ever since the invention of radio. Choosing a decent T1 service provider that can give you the proper T1 service will surely result to a better prepared workforce and this will immediately translate to higher earnings in the bottom line, which perhaps the goal of every single company.The technology that pushed the T1 service providers into making the T1 internet will get your business from the tracks into being well-run machine. Your workers as well as colleagues will truly enjoy having instant access to the internet without any disruptions. T1 service providers have proven that T1 internet services are the best thing that ever happened to businesses and establishments today.Types of T1 Service ProvidersIn countries like Japan, North America and South Korea, T1 service providers that offer T1 internet connections have become the standard in telecommunications methods for sending data thru a network router and voice data thru a telephone system from one device to another. However, an E1 circuit is being used instead of the T1 throughout the rest of the world.T1 lines are originally developed by the Bell Labs in the 60s where the T1 internet connection is also referred as the Digital Signal 1, DS-1 or DS1. The average delivery speed of a T1 circuit is 1.544 Mbps and it also qualifies as a full-duplex kind of circuit.Prior to the 1990s, T1 lines are used mainly by the telecommunications companies to send voice traffic between central offices. They have also been utilized for a quite a long time via cell phone carriers to connect central office switches with a lot of cellular sites all throughout the city. As of today, almost all companies and establishments use the T1 internet connections that are provided by the T1 service providers.So much for the introduction, here are the top 3 kinds of T1 service providers:AT&T is among the premiere and the front liners in voice, video and data communication companies all over the world, serving businesses, consumers, and government. The subordinates of AT&T supply domestic as well as international long distance, regional and local communications services and internet communications services. Having an approximate of $37 billion of revenues, AT&T has built working relationships with almost 50 million consumers and 4 billion business customers who all depend on AT&T for a higher quality of communications. AT&T has also received a lot of awards and was acknowledged for its outstanding performance and customer service.BELL SOUTH is the communication service where the company is providing the local and long-distance voice and data services to more than 44 million subscribers in the United States and other 14 countries. This company also provides a wider array of voice, broadband data and e-commerce solutions to business customers.BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS is a subordinate of Corvis, this company is providing innovative telecommunications solutions to businesses, enterprises, carriers as well as other service provides. Their one of a kind, all optical network has the capacity of enabling the transmission of data, voice, video as well as high capacity of bandwidth services with an unparalleled customer focus and speed.How do T1 service providers work? In order to understand how the T1 service providers work, then allow me to give you a brief background of how T1 lines work. Now, if ever your business owns and uses a T1 line, it just means that the phone company has brought a fiber optic line or copper inside your company that has the capacity of carrying 24 voice channels which is digitized and at the same time, it can also carry other data at rate of up to 1.544 megabits per second (Mbps).Almost all T1 service providers work the same. They offer high speed internet connections where the circuits that are being used are not shared with other subscribers. Now, these kinds of circuits that are being provided are also composed of two parts. These two parts are the local loop which is provided and given by the local telephone company since they are the ones who are capable of putting the wire that is connected from the site to the ground. For example, if a high speed T1 is being used for an Internet service, the other end of the circuit will then be routed towards the T1 service provider that is being chosen and the Internet service will then be turned on. The other part is called the carrier circuit. The user of this T1 connection should always remember that if there is a need to troubleshoot Internet T1, he must get both the local phone company together with the T1 internet service provider on the phone all at once for them to do all the needed work on the circuit.In other places, long distance companies who usually have the big ISP’s also have their local circuits and they also are the local telecommunications provider, which is very uncommon and rare. Usually, when the user or the company decides to buy a T1 from their chosen T1 service provider, they are buying the line where the part of the circuit from the local phone company is being resold by the ISP, and then to the company, which becomes the complete T1 line. Although it can be more expensive, it will be better for the company to buy it in this kind of pattern since they can hold the ISP responsible for all the problems that may arise to the local company portion of the circuit.A high speed T1 line that is provided by the T1 service providers have the capacity of carrying about 192,000 bytes per second which is approximately 60 times more data are being sent compared to normal residential modem. It is also exceedingly dependable, even much more dependable unlike that of the analog modem. T1 lines have the capabilities that can, more often than not, handle quite a few people. And when used for general browsing, hundreds or even thousands of users can easily share a T1 line comfortably.Latest Developments on T1 Service ProvidersHere is another latest T1 development from Cisco. The updated Cisco® T1 data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU) WAN Interface Card (WIC) is now an integrated and fully managed DSU/CSU for T1 or fractional T1 service. The WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 is the updated version of the WIC-1DSU-T1, that offers and provides supported features but still with the same performance. This updated T1 WAN Interface Card with Integrated DSU/CSU makes a lot of workload easier such as Internet or Intranet Access thru reducing deployment and management tasks.Here are the benefits of this latest feature that I am sure most of the T1 enthusiasts and fans out there can anticipate:
It has fewer devices and cables that is needed to be deployed and managed
It has a remote and local configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting with the use of Cisco IOS® Software CLI and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
It is flexible and has an investment protection
It is a Single-vendor support
It has an enhanced reliability
It can also save physical space.The features of this Cisco® T1 data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU) WAN Interface Card (WIC) would also include:
You can enjoy the T1 or fractional T1 network intereface
It has wet T1 support which is not available on WIC – 1DSU – T1
It is standards-based that includes the ANSI 1.403 and AT&T Publication which is 62411
Its full management features would include the configuration capacity for remote configuration through Telnet that comes from the Cisco IOS CLI. It also has a monitoring router and DSU/CSU can be managed with a single SNMP identity and the extensive DSU/CSU statistics are still being provided by the Cisco IOS CLI.
Finally, its troubleshooting-extensive loop backs that include manual button for network line loop backs, bit error rate tester or BERT test patterns, alarm counters as well as performance reports and all of them can be accessed via Cisco IOS CLI. There are also LEDs for carrier detection, loop back and alarm functions.